Roland Raymond Misfeldt was the fourth of four sons born to John Regard and Mabel Hubbard Misfeldt at Thorp in Clark County, Wisconsin.  Rod was born May 1, 1924 and attended Thorp High School.

Writing in March 1999 about where family members were on December 7, 1941, Rod wrote:  “I was still in high school.  There were no power lines at that time, but we had a 32-volt generator which ran the lights and radio.  We had a little 32-volt table radio and about 4:30 that day we heard about Pearl Harbor and all gathered around the radio to listen to President Roosevelt tell about the attack.”  Of the war effort, he also wrote:  “I had my choice of going in the army or staying home on the farm to help the folks.  I have mixed emotions about that decision, but at least I helped the folks.  I was just starting at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1942 in pre-law and if I had gone in the service could have gotten my tuition paid.”

Roland married Mary Siok on October 4, 1947.  Mary had been born on September 28, 1926.  They had one son, Todd, and later divorced.

Todd Misfeldt was born October 5, 1954.

Rod loved to fly his airplane from his landing field south of Withee, where he was a well-known real estate broker.

Rod later married Lovetta Johnson.