Henry Detloff Misfeldt was the second child, and second son, born to Ernest and Margaret Lensch Misfeldt while they were still living in Germany.  Henry was born June 5, 1875.

Like his parents, he became a farmer when the family came to Wisconsin.  Henry married Anna Josephine Schnoor on October 20, 1901 at Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bloomer, Wisconsin.  The ceremony pronounced by E. Hafermann was witnessed by Best Man John Misfeldt and Lea Schnoor.

Anna was born January 6, 1879 in Bloomer, Wisconsin.  Her mother had emigrated from Switzerland and her father from Germany.  She died of cancer January 26, 1926.

Henry and Anna Schnoor Misfeldt had four children:

  • Gladys Misfeldt was born April 5, 1904;
  • Doris Misfeldt was born in 1906;
  • Harold Misfeldt was born January 7, 1908; and
  • Walter Misfeldt was born in 1912.

Henry later remarried.  He and Dora Paulson were married December 4, 1930 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Henry D. Misfeldt – June 5, 1875 to December 29, 1950

Anna Schnoor Misfeldt – January 6, 1879 to January 26, 1926

Thanks to Jim Misfeldt for information about his grandparents, Henry and Anna Schnoor Misfeldt.  Any additional family information is appreciated.

Walter met and married Pearl Shortluff.  Pearl was born in Bloomer on December 23, 1911.  They had two children:  Walter (Buddy) Misfeldt was born on September 25, 1934, and passed away on January 4, 2002, in Slinger; and, Janet Misfeldt was born in August 1932.  Janet met and later married a fellow named Hanson and they have, as cousin James reports, “a bunch of kids.”  Both Walter and Pearl were killed in the January 1st, 1937, car-train wreck in Bloomer.

Anna died of cancer on January 26, 1926.  Henry later re-married Dora Paulson on December 4, 1930, in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Henry passed away on December 29, 1950, at the age of 75.

Any additional information about Henry and Anna Schnoor Misfeldt and their family is appreciated.  Please send to PackingSteel@gmail.com.