Shield symbolic of Surendorf, Germany

This is the Misfeldt family shield. Thanks to Manfred Misfeldt for clarifying that for us.

The Misfeldt family has roots in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, where some members of the family still reside.  Ernst Missfeldt (original spelling) was born in the Surendorf area, part of the 11th generation following Jochim Missfeldt. Research by Horst Missfeldt  traces family roots to Jochim Missfeldt in 1550.

Schleswig-Holstein is the region or federal state forming the peninsula that connects northern Germany to Denmark.  It separates the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, making it home to several of Germany’s key ports.  One main port and the state’s capital is Kiel.  There are more than 2.8 million people who live in the state.

Schleswig-Holstein, according to Facts About Germany (published by the German Federal Foreign Office), is the only German state in which three languages are spoken:  not only German and Low German, but also Danish and Friesian.

Although large tracts of the state are used for agricultural purposes, modern technologies such as marine and medical technology, software production, energy and environmental technology are becoming more prevalent. It is Germany’s number one wind power state and ranks near the top in terms of technology centers, with more than 1,000 firms in the IT and communications sectors alone.  There are three state universities, four state, and two private institutes of higher education in Schleswig-Holstein.