Loren LaVern Misfeldt was born March 21, 1913, the first son of John R. and Mabel L. Misfeldt.  According to his younger brother Roland’s notes, Loren “had to leave home when he was 18 because we couldn’t feed him, so he went to work for Gorsegnor’s farm for $5.00 per month and room and board.  After that, he enlisted in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and made $30.00 per month.  He was in CCC for seven years and met Tillie when he was near Laona in a camp.”

Loren married Matilda Sharnek “Tillie” on July 2, 1937.  He was 24 and she was 21, having been born August 27, 1917.

Brother Roland recalled:  “He had a 1929 Ford roadster with a rumble seat.  I can still remember I wanted a bicycle and the folks couldn’t afford one so Loren bought me a used bike and brought it home with him and I was in 7th heaven.  He paid $3.00 for it.  When Bob (Loren’s son) was a little older I bought Bob a pony to repay Loren for the bike.”

Roland wrote in March 1999 regarding December 7, 1941:  “Loren & Tillie were running a farm about three miles east of our place.”

Loren and Tillie had two children:

  • Linda Lou was born October 3, 1938 at Thorp in Clark County; and,
  • Robert John was born January 26, 1942, also at Thorp.

Loren L. Misfeldt – March 21, 1913 to April 23, 1998

Matilda Sharnek Misfeldt – August 27, 1917 to February 4, 1995